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Dog Park Progress

The short version of what’s going on.

More details in our meeting agenda and minutes

August 14, 2015

  • Received wetland delineation survey.

  • Hired Robert E. Lee & Associates, Inc. To help us develop a Dog Park Master Plan.

A Master Plan

A master plan is a plan that shows an overall development concept that includes urban design, landscaping, infrastructure, service provision, circulation, present and future land use and built form. It consists of three dimensional images, texts, diagrams, statistics, reports, maps and aerial photos that describe how a specific location will be developed. It provides a structured approach and creates a clear framework for developing an area.

Proposal available on request

Timeline from Proposal

August 28 Meeting. Start Developing Parks Master Plan

Discussed  the items needed to be done to open the dog park. Village, County, DNR, State….etc requirements.

Then items we would like to have when the dog park opens.

Finally the long range plan of connecting the dog park to the East river trail.

Mark Schuster of Robert E. Lee & Associates and Garret Perry of Design Studio ETC.

Will now take all our ideas and formulate drawings and a plan to build the dog park in phases.

September 25th Master Plan Kick off meeting agenda

Agenda: Review the concept drawings, estimates of costs. Refine the first phase of construction of the dog park.

Discuss fund raising to bring us past phase one of the dog park.

September 25th meeting. We were shown three concept plans to discuss. The master plan includes more then just a dog park. Outside the park will have walking / biking paths.A pedestrian bridge over the East river. To link up with the East river trail in the Village of Allouez. A picnic area & a kayak launch. We discussed each plan. Our next step is to combine what we liked from the three. At our next meeting we will have a single refined plan.

October 23rd meeting. Master Plan was revised to one single plan. Discussions were on refining that plan. What type of structures and materials to use. Next step is to present plan at the Village of Bellevue Parks committee meeting.

November 9th, Village of Bellevue Park Commission meeting. Master plan was presented to the Park Commission. A very positive meeting. Now scheduled to be on the Village of Bellevue Board’s agenda. December 9th, 6:30 PM

 November 20th meeting Final review of master plan before it is presented to Bellevue Village Board. Received cost estimate for Stage 1 of the project. Stage 1 is just the parking lot, a fence & grass. All this information will be posted here once the Village Board approves it.

December 9th, 6:30 Master plan presented at Village of Bellevue Board meeting The Village board seemed to be quite impressed with the over all scope of the master plan. They voted unanimously to approve the master plan. We can now move on to phase one. A Spring start to construction.

January 15, 2016 Discussion on how much we can build in stage one. Garrett will make CAD drawings for bidding on stage one construction. Fundraising ideas.

February & March Our design team have brought our plans to the 60% level. Next meeting we’ll have them to the 90% level. This is the normal procedure. We looked at the 60% level with estimated costs. Decide what we absolutely need and what we can afford. The 90% will be the final bid package to send out to contractors. We may have to put the bidding on hold while we continue fund raising to cover the short fall. This is not only for construction costs, but costs to maintain the park. Once it’s open.

April 8th meeting We have a new more detailed timeline. The big issue is fund raising. We can bid the project out, but we need the money up front to cover the cost. We are about $20,000 short of our goal. We also need a maintenance agreement with the village of Bellevue. We are close to having that done. The last big item on the agenda was the K-9 Karnival coming up real soon. May 7th

May 11 Village of Bellevue Board meeting The Village of Bellevue board voted to contribute $35,000 toward dog park infrastructure. Approved the contract with the charity concerning park maintenance. Approved to allow the charity to proceed with the bidding process and building of the dog park. Construction for the dog park could begin in early July, with a tentative opening set for Labor Day.

May 27 Sealed bids for
The Laura and Peter Mossakowski Family Dog Park, Contract No. 5602-16-01 will
be received by the Village of Bellevue. Village Office located at 2828 Allouez Avenue, Green Bay,
WI 54311 until Thursday, June 16, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.
June 13th 2016
Festival Foods, Paw Away Hunger program donates $15,000 to become our first named sponsor.
June 17th Meeting Bids were opened.
Bids came in high. Rejected bids.
August 17 Meeting. Opened second round of bids. Within budget. Next step present to Village Board for approval. August 24th Board meeting.
August 24th Village of Bellevue board meeting. Approval given to start construction
September to October 2016
Construction of Dog Park
 Opening Summer of 2017