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Volunteer Opportunities

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The  Dog Park depends completely on volunteers to operate and maintain the park. Below are listed a few ways that you can make a difference and help the people and dogs who use and depend on the
Dog Park.

    • Park Ambassadors
    • Volunteer Coordinator
    •  Park Safety Ambassadors
    • Special Event Assistants
    • Donations/Fundraising
    • Grant Writer
    • Dog Behavior Coaches
    • Volunteer Coordinator Paw Print Campaign

Park Ambassadors Role Description

Park Ambassadors who volunteer in this role will have an important part in helping to establish a positive and friendly dog park culture.

When visiting the park, the volunteer will wear their lanyard that designates them a Park Ambassador.

Some of the responsibilities that the Ambassador include:

– Must come to a committee meeting before application can be approved.

– Welcome visitors and help them negotiate the entrance safely.

– Answer questions.

– Chat with pet owners about park safety & etiquette.

– Promote the park to others in a positive nature.

– Help educate the public about red flags of dog body language. (materials available on the dog park website (http:www.bellevuedogpark.com/interacting-with-dogs)

– Health watch – overheating, etc.

– Keeping it clean & tidy-hand out waste bags and acknowledge those who use them!

Negotiate when to contact police, we do not want the Park Ambassador to take matters into their own hands. (Some examples that you are not responsible for would include: attempting to stop a crime on your own, kicking park goers out of the park, etc) This is when we would ask you to contact police.

Park Maintenance Coordinator & Park Stewards (4-6 people)

The  Dog Park depends on a group of volunteers who donate their time to keep the park safe and clean for our canine and human visitors. You can decide how many visits you make in a month. Most Stewards volunteer for 1-2 days per month, but that is completely up to you. We are always looking for people to help rake leaves, trim around the fence and trees and pick up trash.

This is a vital function at the park, and we are always looking for responsible people to help with this aspect of running a first-class dog park. If you can help, we would appreciate it.

Volunteer Coordinator
Responsible for volunteer recruitment, correspondence and guidance to volunteer panel for tasks, events, etc.
Maintain contact information for volunteers. Report to the  Dog Park Committee with needs, concerns and updates.


One of the primary ways we tell the public about dog park events is through social media. In addition, other sources of media to promote the park. We are always looking for volunteers that can help with special events.

Special Event Assistants

The Dog Park hosts 1 or more events during the year. Some of these events are to raise funds to support the park. Others are to promote awareness of the park. Volunteers work to staff an information table, answer questions about the park, and sell merchandise.

Assist Dog Park Committee in solicitation and acquisition of in-kind and sustained monetary donations to the organization. Create a strong fundraising message that appeals to potential donors. Conduct fundraising strategies for the  Dog Park. Maintain records of donor information for future use. Train volunteers in fundraising procedures and practices. Ensure that all legal reporting requirements are satisfied

Grant Writer
Prepare grant proposals, beginning by performing research. Become familiar with the  Dog Park’s programs, goals and financial needs. Look into potential funding sources. After compiling necessary information, compose and submit proposals. Maintain careful records to track the proposals. Report to the  Dog Park Board & Committee with updates.
Paw Print Campaign
Contact potential organizations that are willing to host sales of  Dog Park Paw Prints. Establish relationship and provide materials for participating organizations. Create system to have follow up visits and collect funds raised. Continually seeking new prospective participants. Maintain accurate and detailed records and report to the  Dog Park Treasurer with fund submissions, etc.

Our Volunteers that attend the dog park can assist with the following categories:
Park Safety Ambassadors:
Chat with pet owners about park safety & etiquette rules Welcome visitors and help them negotiate the entrance safely.
Dog Behavior Coaches:
Help educate the public about red flags of dog body language.
Give out handouts and information – remind visitors of upcoming educational ops.
Health watch – overheating, etc.

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